Preparation System


At the Tutoring Center of Ioannina, the student has the opportunity to attend - with financial tuition - a complete program of all courses (Exhibition - Language, Ancient, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry).

Our goal is to ensure the consolidation of knowledge in all subjects by familiarizing our students with the new system with monthly competitions through the THEME BANK of our tutoring center.


At the Ioannina Tutoring Center, all courses of all orientations are taught . The selection of the curriculum is guided by the needs and goals of each student. Homogeneous classes, flexible programs, experienced teachers, well-designed educational material based on the reformed program of the NEW LYCEUM, weekly competitions through the THEME BANK and participation in the Repetitive topics of the simulation of the Panhellenic Examinations of OEFE (January - April) in all three grades of high school , contribute to the radical improvement of the performance of the students and to the effective preparation for the PANHELLENIC EXAMS .

In Ioannina Education Center
we offer high level education with low cost to our students